Ameraucanas Chicken
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The Ameraucana Chicken is an Egg laying Chicken, classified as an Other Standard Chicken Breed. Like the similarly named Araucana Chicken, the Ameraucanas Chicken also lays medium-sized, blue eggs (about 3 a week).

Instead of ear tufts (like gaudy feather ear rings), the Ameraucana Chicken has muffs and a beard on its face, a pea comb, and slate blue legs. Ameraucana Chickens come in a few varieties, including:  black, blue, blue wheaten, brown red, buff, silver, wheaten and white.

Many unscrupulous breeders try to pass off other mongrel chickens as either Ameraucana Chickens or Araucana Chickens because they lay blue eggs. These mongrels are called "Easter Egger's" and are a novelty, not a breed. Any Chicken that possesses the gene that makes them lay blue eggs but not the other characteristics of the breed, is called an "Easter Egger." Experts believe that up to 99% of the Chickens sold as either Araucanas or Ameraucanas, are actually Easter Egger mongrels.


If you are in the market for an Ameraucana Chicken, you will likely have to raise your own. The website has a list of Ameraucana Breeders. The link goes off Smart Kitchen and we do not vouch for or any of the breeders.


In contrast to the very rare Araucana Chicken, the still rare Ameraucana Chicken has a rump and tail feathers, so it does not have breeding issues. The Ameraucana also has no ear tufts, and consequently avoids the lethal gene which causes Araucana Chicken chicks to be stillborn. Ameraucana Chickens are a medium-sized Chicken and weigh around 6 lbs - 7 lbs (2.7 kg - 3.2 kg).


Blue Eggs were reported to have been lower in Cholesterol and higher in nutritional value, but that has been disproven. Blue Eggs have the same nutritional content as other Eggs.