Ancona Chicken
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The Ancona Chicken is a Mediterranean Chicken that hails from the town of Ancona, Italy where it was bred for centuries before being exported to England about 1850 and to America around 1888 by Francis A. Mortimer of Pottsville, PA.

Ancona Chickens weigh in around 6 lbs (2.7 kg) for the cocks and 4.5 lbs (2 kg) for the hens. They have a black base color and mottled white tipped feathers. They have yellow legs, yellow beaks, white ear lobes and a reddish eyes. Ancona Chickens can have a single comb or a rose comb.

The Ancona Chicken has much in common with the Leghorn Chicken (egg-laying, size and general shape) and is sometimes called a “Mottled Leghorn” by poultrymen. The major difference is the shape of the Ancona Chicken back, which slopes downward from shoulder to tail at a slight angle. The other significant difference is in behavior. Where the Leghorn Chicken is known as “flighty,” the Ancona could almost be called wild. Ancona Chickens are on the watch list for extinction.


The Ancona is an Egg-laying Chicken Breed that begins producing at around 5 months old. One can expect about 220 - 240 white-shelled eggs a year from the Ancona Chicken. Which also excels at laying in the winter. They can handle the cold and are also decent foragers if given a Free Range.