Chantecler Chicken
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The Chantecler Chicken is considered an American Chicken but should more accurately be called a North American one, since it was developed in Canada around 1908 by Brother Wilfred Chatelain of the Cistercian Abbey in Oka, Quebec. The name comes from the fabled French, rooster Chanticleer and means “sing clear,” in French.

The Chantecler Chicken comes in both a partridge-colored and white-colored variety, and is known for having no wattles and a small cushion comb. The skin and legs are yellow and the breast of the Chantecler Chicken is well fleshed. The Chantecler Chicken is not used in much commercial production today and is listed among the critically threatened chicken varieties.


The Chantecler Chicken is a dual use/utility Chicken that has good Egg Production and Meat Production and was bred to withstand the harsh climate of Canada. The Chantecler lays large brown eggs (about 4 a week) and is known as a good winter layer.