Java Chicken
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The Java Chicken is thought to be the second oldest of the American Chicken class and has been known in The United States since 1835. It was named Java Chicken because the ancestors of this breed of Chicken are believed to have come from the Isle of Java. The Java Chicken, in turn, was used to develop both the Jersey Giant Chicken and the Plymouth Rock Chicken.

Single-combed, Java Chickens have an almost rectangular body shape with a sloping back line, one of the longest backs in the American class, and full well-rounded breasts. The Java Chicken has four standard colors: black (with black legs and yellow soles of the feet), mottled (with intense red eyes and leaden-blue legs with yellow soles of the feet), white (yellow leg color) and auburn. All Java Chickens have yellow skin. The Java Chicken is listed as a threatened chicken breed.

Culinary Uses

The Java Chicken is a great breed for the home user, especially if it can be given Free Range to forage on its own. The fleshing and growth rates of the Java Chicken were good for the 1800’s, but may be low in comparison to today’s commercial Meat industry standards.  However, the growth comes at a lower cost because of the birds’ ability to forage. Java Chickens lay brown Eggs.