Penedesenca Chicken
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The Penedesenca Chicken (formerly known as the Vilafranca Chicken) is a mid-20th Century product of Catalonia, Spain that is classified as a Mediterranean Chicken.

The breed was originally standardized as a black breed but now has a number of varieties, including crele, partridge, and wheaten. All Penedesenca Chickens have red wattles, red earlobes with a white center and a unique red comb (king’s comb or coronation comb).

The Penedesenca Chicken was once close to extinction but is now only rare or even semi-rare in North America. It is a more common breed in Central America and South America.

Culinary Uses

The Penedesenca Chicken can be considered a dual purpose/utility chicken, but is best known for producing large quantities of very dark brown Eggs (about 160 to 180 a year).