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Resources > Food > Vegetables > Asparagus
Asparagus is a Fern-Like Delicate Vegetable.
Jumbo Asparagus are extra large varieties of Asparagus that maintain their succulence and firm texture, when harvested at maximum maturity. Season Jumbo Asparagus is typically categorized with the Spring Fruit & Vegetables because they are harvested March-June. The actual...
Large Asparagus are varieties that maintain their quintessential qualities even at mature sizes. They are grown and marketed for their spears to reach a specific size, 17-19 mm in diameter. Large Asparagus have pale green stalks with knobby scales. Season Asparagus is typically...
A Unique Sweeter Less Fibrous Asparagus Variant.
Standard Asparagus is not unique to other sized Asparagus, but simply grown to be marketed for a specific size; 9 inches in length and 16 mm in diameter. Standard Asparagus spears are pale green, with blushes of purple throughout its tips. Season Standard Asparagus is typically...
The Albino Asparagus.