Carrot Greens
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Carrot Greens, or Carrot Tops, are the green, Parsley-like stem and leaves of the Carrot plant that rise from the ground as the Carrot grows. 

They are quite bitter, with a flavor reminiscent of a normal Carrot.  In a blog posting in 2009, a reporter for The New York Times quoted an arboretum faculty member as saying eating Carrot Greens could be dangerous.  There is no actual proof that eaten in moderation, that they are bad for us, but we recommend you avoid them if you tend to be sensitive or have allergies to other plants.


Carrot Greens are available year round.

Culinary Uses

Some people use Carrot Greens in Salads as they would other Bitter Greens, and they can also be made into a Pesto or a Salsa that is similar to Chimchurri Sauce.  If you buy Carrots with the Tops or Greens attached and don’t want to use them in your salad, they make an excellent compost ingredient.



Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie