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Resources > Food > Vegetables > Chicory
Curly Endive is another name for the plant Chicory. Curly Endive is also known as Frisée. The Frisee link has more information on the vegetable. Gluten Free Yes Low Fat Yes Low Calorie Yes
Frisée is another name for Chicory. Varieties Frisée/Chicory is also known as Curly Endive. Culinary Uses Frisée is perhaps best known as part of the name of a popular Parisian salad, “Frisée aux Lardons,” a salad of Chicory lettuce and...
Radicchio (Chicorum intybus, L.) is a perennial plant and a member of the family Asteraceae, aka Compositae. It grows in smallish round or oval-shaped heads and is a deep burgundy/maroon color with white streaks. Radicchio (the “ch” is correctly pronounced “k,”...