Capsicum baccatum
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This Smart Kitchen Resource Page is dedicated to just listing out some of the Peppers that belong to the Capsicum species: Capsicum baccatum, which contains many of the Aji Peppers (both sweet and hot).

Smart Kitchen also has Resource pages dedicated to Capsicum annum, Capsicum chinense, Capsicum frutenscens and Capsicum pubenscens where most of the Hot Peppers reside.

If you are looking for Sweet Peppers follow the link to the Smart Kitchen’s Sweet Peppers Resource or just navigate to our General Peppers Resource to get the overview.

Capsicum baccatumPeppers originated in South America. Most of the Ají Peppers are part of this species.  “Baccatum” means berry-like and could be a reference to the unique, fruity flavors of many Ají Peppers.


They are grown in much of South America, parts of Central America, India and to a limited extent in the U.S.


Ají Amarillo, Ají Ayucllo, Ají Caballero, and Ají Limon (aka Ají Lemon Drop) (not the same as Ají Limo, a member of Capsicum chinense), Christmas Bell Pepper (aka Bishop’s Crown), Peppadew Peppers and the group of Uchu Peppers.

Culinary Uses

Because of their interesting flavors, they are often used in Ceviche (a marinated raw fish dish popular in Latin and South America) and Salsas. Capsicum baccatum are also frequently dried and ground into colorful powders.