Capsicum frutenscens
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This Smart Kitchen Resource Page is dedicated to just listing out some of the Peppers that belong to the Capsicum species: Capsicum frutenscens, which includes Tabasco Peppers.

Smart Kitchen also has Resource pages dedicated to Capsicum frutenscens, Capsicum chinense, Capsicum annum and Capsicum pubenscens where most of the Hot Peppers reside. If you are looking for Sweet Peppers follow the link to the Smart Kitchen’s Sweet Peppers Resource or just navigate to our General Peppers Resource to get the overview.

Capsicum frutescens: This is smaller group of mostly hot Peppers that includes Tabascos.  In Brazil, the species is called Malagueta, which can be confusing since there is also a specific Capsicum frutescens Pepper of that name.  Varieties of the species are also grown in parts of Africa and the Phillippines


African Bird’s Eye Peppers (aka Pili-Pili or Piri-Piri Peppers), Malagueta Peppers, Siling Labuyo, Tabascos