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Since Yams don't grow in the U.S., what we call Yams here are actually Sweet Potatoes. Naturally, it follows that what we call Baby Yams, are therefore actually Baby Sweet Potatoes. Just to be clear, Baby Yams, (Sweet Potatoes) are the young, orange edible root of a sweet potato,...
The Beauregard Sweet Potato is one of the Leading Commercial Cultivars in the United States.
Sweet Potatoes are Generally Classified as either Dry or Moist.
The Garnet Yam, is actually not a Yam but a Sweet Potato that has been misnamed along with most of the other domestic Sweet Potatoes as a "yam." Smart Kitchen the Garnet Yam/Sweet Potato in its rightful category as a Sweet Potato. The origin of the mis-naming is covered in our...
The Hannah or Yellow Hannah is a Dry Type of Sweet Potato.
A Dark Reddish Sweet Potato.
The Jewel Yam is Actually a Sweet Potato.
Sweet Potatoes are Classified as either Moist or Dry.
Sweet Potatoes, Member of the Morning Glory Family are Neither Yams or Potatoes.