Frozen Poultry
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Poultry freezes at 26° F (-3.33° C). Frozen Poultry refers to any Raw Poultry that has been below 26° F, though in modern distribution most Poultry is held frozen at 0° F (-17.78) or lower.

Frozen Poultry should be Thawed by defrosting it in the refrigerator. If time is a factor Frozen Poultry can be defrosted in cold water.

To defrost Frozen Poultry in the refrigerator, place the packaged poultry in a tray or dish large and deep enough to collect any dripping juices from the defrosting bird. If the package has been unsealed, cover the defrosting fowl with plastic wrap or a similar covering.

Best practice is to place raw meat, including raw poultry, on the lowest shelf possible so that no food is below it. Having the raw meat or defrosting meat lower down in the refrigerator makes Cross Contamination, which can be caused by juices dripping down into or onto other food, much less likely.

Defrosting in the sink with the “Cold Water Method,” means putting well-wrapped, packaged poultry into a bowl and running cold tap water into the bowl until the bird is defrosted. Once the poultry is defrosted, dry it and either use immediately or wrap in plastic wrap and store in the refrigerator.

The rule of thumb when defrosting by the “Cold Water Method” is 30 minutes per pound of Frozen Poultry.