Fine Herbes or "Fin Herbs" as it is pronounced in French are Some of the Most Traditional and Delicate Seasonings.
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An Herb is the earliest and most traditional continental and Mediterranean seasonings. The indisputable and most commonly found Herbs are parsley and chives and often joined by Tarragon and Chervil.

They are grouped as fine herbs because they are more fine and delicate than other herbs, and if fresh, will bruise and oxidize with time and also be “sweeter” than other savory herbs. A secondary and supporting reason for the name is that the Fines Herbs are frequently finely chopped for easy and complete incorporation in dishes.

If you are able, try to use Fine Herbs fresh, often as you are Finishing your dish or sauce, so that they remain potent and their flavors aren't diminished by extended cooking.

Though, they are sometimes added to a Bouquet Garni, the "Fine Herbs" are not as pungent and resinous as the Robust Herbs that typically appear in a Bouquet Garni and release their flavors during extended cooking. Essentially, the difference is that Fine Herbs are used more for their fresh perfumes and aromas while it takes some cooking to release the flavors of the Robust Herbs.


We used the word  "indisputable" above because as with any classic Herb have seen variations sprout up with additional herbs like, CorianderLovage, Thyme, Sweet Marjoram, Basil, CressDill, Cicely, and Lemon Balm added.