The List of Sweet Peppers
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This Smart Kitchen Resource Page is dedicated to just listing out some of the Sweet Peppers that are commonly found at retail. In the list of Sweet Peppers, you will find Peppers with 0 heat and those with mild heat.

The hot peppers are listed in the List of Hot Peppers. If you want to know more about either Sweet Peppers or Hot Peppers just follow the specific link to their separate Resource pages. If you want to know more about Peppers generally navigate to the General Peppers Resource.

Note: In general, every Pepper plant produces a few “rebel” Peppers. This means that you might buy Sweet Peppers in the market, and when you get home and eat them, one may be surprisingly hot.  There is unfortunately no way of predicting which individual Sweet Pepper will contain heat.  We just don’t want you to think you bought the wrong Pepper if it happens.  You didn’t; you just got the “rebel.”


Ají Peppers (also Hot varieties) (includes Ají Panca and Ají Cachuca (aka Ají Dulce)

Ancho Peppers (includes Poblano Peppers; see note above in Naming Peppers section);

Bell Peppers (includes Green Bell Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Orange Bell Peppers, Yellow Bell Peppers, Purple Bell Peppers and Mexi-Bell Peppers, also Holland Bell Peppers and Tinker Bell Peppers in all the above colors);

Bull’s Horn Peppers (aka Cowhorn Peppers or “Corni di Toro”)

Catarina Peppers

Chilhuacle Negro Peppers

Cherry Peppers (both hot and sweet varieties)

Gypsy Peppers

Italian Frying Peppers(includes Cubanelle Peppers (aka Cuban Peppers) and Jimmy Nardello Peppers)

New Mexico Peppers(both Sweet and Hot; includes Anaheim Peppers) Padrón Peppers (sometimes Hot)

Pepperoncini Peppers

Paprika Peppers

Peppadew Peppers

Pimiento Peppers

Piquillo Peppers

Shishito Peppers

Tomato Peppers (aka Squash Peppers)

Wax Peppers (both Sweet and Hot varieties; includes Banana Peppers (aka Yellow Wax Peppers).

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