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Giblets (pronounced either “Jibb-lits,” “Jibb-letz,” or “Gibb-lits,” “Gibb-letz,” ) is derived from the “gibier” the Old French word for wild “game.”

In the modern kitchen, Giblets are an assortment of the internal organs (Offal) of Poultry. Typically Giblets are bagged and then stuffed into the body cavity of a whole bird, but whole birds can be ordered with or without Giblets. Giblets (NAMP # P10403 for Chicken & NAMP # P2043 for Turkey) can be ordered separately if needed.

The use of Giblets was much more common in the “good old days,” when economics and survival dictated that every part of the animal be used. An expression in those days was they used “everything on the pig, including the pig’s whistle.”

Giblets, like the birds themselves, are inspected for “healthfulness” by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. If they are sub-standard or diseased in any way, they should have been discarded long before reaching the retail shelf. Once removed from the bird, by law Giblets must be refrigerated out of The Food Danger Zone, below 40°F (4.4°C) within 2 hours of the bird’s slaughter. 

If working with a whole bird, make sure to remove the bag of Giblets from the body cavity before storing or cooking the bird. If the liver has a small green sack attached to it, it is the gall bladder, which should be trimmed off. It’s better to cut away some of the liver to avoid puncturing the gall bladder sack. The Gall Bladder contains a very bitter, un-appetizing liquid called bile which will damage the flavor of whatever it comes in contact with. Rinse the Giblets in cool water and pat them dry with a paper towel before use.

If in doubt about what to do with your Giblets, think of Rover. Dogs love raw Giblets (with your veterinarian’s consent, of course).


The Giblets usually contain the heart, the liver, the kidneys and the gizzard of the bird (ChickenTurkey, etc.). In modern production, the packaged Giblets contained inside a bird are not normally from that specific bird.

Culinary Uses

The Giblets are useful for Stock and GravyStuffingSoups, etc. and can be Stored Refrigerated or Stored Frozen for later use. Smart Kitchen has a Giblet Stock Recipe in our Recipe Section.

Low Fat


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