Greek Yogurt
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Greek Yogurt, also known as Strained Yogurt, is essentially traditional Yogurt that has been drained of its liquid Whey. Greek Yogurt is denser, tangier and creamier than traditional Yogurt.  

Originally, Greek Yogurt was made from Sheep’s (Ewe’s) Milk, but today most domestic, commercial Greek Yogurts are made from the more widely available Cow’s Milk.

Because “creaminess” drives the sales of Greek Yogurt many manufacturers spike their Whole Milk with Heavy Cream when making Greek Yogurt.  If you are dieting, use care when shopping for Greek Yogurt and read the labels. You can find lower calorie Greek Yogurt made from Skim Milk if you search.


Greek Yogurt is most often made by Straining, actually draining, the traditional Yogurt so that much of its initial liquid whey and water runs off into a catch basin.

Culinary Uses

Greek Yogurt, like traditional Yogurt, can be eaten raw or used in cooking to make Sauces such as the Greek favorite Tzatziki Sauce or as a lower calorie replacement for Sour Cream. The benefit of substituting with Greek Yogurt over traditional Yogurt is that Greek Yogurt is less likely to curdle during cooking than regular Yogurt.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie