Green Lentils
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Green Lentils are among the most common types of Lentils (see the Lentil Resource for more on Lentils like Nutrition, Cultivation, etc.). Green Lentils are whole Lentils.


There are a few varieties of Green Lentils. The Eston Green Lentil is a small green Lentil. The Richlea Lentil is a medium Green Lentil. The Laird Lentil is a large green Lentil.


To ensure the best quality and shelf life of your Green Lentils, buy Green Lentils that have a bright uniform color; a dull color indicates a lack of freshness and vitality. Also look for Green Lentils that are uniform in size since varied sizes result in uneven cooking times. Inspect the Green Lentils for cracks or holes and avoid buying any packaging that has been damaged. Green Lentils are sold whole or split into halves.


Dried Lentils are known for their long, almost indefinite shelf life. Store your dried Green Lentils in a sealed package or airtight container in a cool and dry area, such as your pantry. Refer to the expiration dates on the package to determine how long they can be stored. For best flavor and presentation, use dried Green Lentils within one year. Fresh Green Lentils should last about 5-7 days in the fridge.

For more information about Lentils, see Smart Kitchen's General Lentil Information Resource.

Culinary Uses

Green Lentils have a mild flavor that is often described as “earthy.” Green Lentils are typically prepped by rinsing them and Boiling is the most common cooking method. During the cooking process, the Green Lentils absorb some of the cooking water, so it is a good idea to flavor the Boiling Liquid with some Herbs or Vegetables that will make the Green Lentils even tastier.The major thing with Green Lentils is to avoid overcooking them. If they are overcooked they become mushy. Smart Kitchen has a recipe for a Ham and Lentil Soup in our Recipe Section.


Green Lentils are the highest in Dietary Fiber of all the Lentils.

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie