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Heat Zones are best described as areas of pre-determined heat on your grill or other cooking surface. With the burners all the way up, on the left bank, one corner, or zone, can be the High Heat Zone perfect for charring & marking product. With the middle burners on Medium Heat, the center of the grill could be your Finish Cooking area. The remaining bank of burners on Low Heat could be your Low Heat Zone, where you hold product until you are ready to remove it from the flame.


Professional Chefs recognize 5 degrees of heat: High Heat (450°-650°F/232°C-343°C), Medium/High Heat (375°-449°F/190°C - 232°C), Medium Heat (325°F - 374°F/162°C - 190°C), Medium/Low Heat (250°F-324°F/121°C-162°C) & Low Heat (225°F-249°F/107°C - 120°C).