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Culinary Uses

Chef’s actually use both Medium/High and Medium as heat designations for employed heat. We will use Medium/High Heat when we mean Medium/High HeatMedium Heat is 325°F to 374° For 162°C to 190°C. Fats suitable for Medium Heat are: 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Smoke Point 374°F 190°C)

Butter (Smoke Point 350°F 177°C)

Hemp Seed Oil (Smoke Point 330°F 165°C)

Semi-Refined Canola Oil (Smoke Point 350°F 177°C)

Coconut Oil (Smoke Point 350°F 177°C)

Un-refined Sesame Oil (Smoke Point 350°F 177°C)

Semi-Refined Soy Oil (Smoke Point 350°F 177°C)

Vegetable Shortening (Smoke Point 360°F 182°C)

Lard (Smoke Point 370°F 182°C) 

You can tell when your pan has achieved Medium Heat by using your Visual Clues, for example the Smoke Point of your fat, The Water Test, or the level of Boil on your liquid.

Medium Heat can be used to cook food all the way through, or to finish-cook foods started at High Heat. Medium Heat is also good for extended use, in applications like a simmer or a reduction. In our lessons, Teaching Chef cooks over a gas flame which is “easier to control.” If you are cooking on an electric stovetop, be aware of the inherent Electric Heat Lag of cooking with electricity.