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Nyon Olives are French Olives that are small and black, with a slightly green tinge. They are usually dry salt-cured and then rubbed with Olive Oil, but there are brine-cured ones made as well. Their flavor is somewhat bitter.


Nyon Olives are available all year long.


If possible it is best to sample the Nyon Olives you are considering before buying them. Many better stores are happy to let you try one (or two), which can save you from discovering you have made a bad pick when you get home.


Nyon Olives should be stored in Brine or Oil. If you purchase them dry, Brine or Oil should be added to help them last longer. If purchased in unopened cans or jars, Nyon Olives can be stored at room temperature for as long as two years. 

Once opened, they can be kept either at room temperature or refrigerated for a number of weeks, as long as they are totally submerged in their holding solution. A harmless mold sometimes forms on top of them; just spoon it off before using the Nyon Olives. If you add anything perishable to the Nyon Olives, such as HerbsCheese, etc., they should be refrigerated, and will last as long as the perishable ingredient’s shelf life.

Culinary Uses

Nyon Olives can be the central ingredient in a Salad, or one of twenty elements. SlicedChoppedPureed to a paste in a Tapenade spread on Bread or Crackers, made into a Relish, used in Omelets, on Pizzas, in Pasta Sauces and Pasta Salads, or an essential element in many MeatGameFishSeafood and Poultry dishes—Olives are at home almost anywhere in the kitchen.

Portion Size

All 1-3 oz of Nyon Olives per person.


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