Demerara Sugar
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Demerara Sugar is a type of specialty Raw Sugar with a golden yellow color and a large grain. The name comes from a region in the country of Guyana, which first began producing Demerara Sugar from Sugar Cane Sugar. Today most Demerara Sugar comes from the Island of Mauritius.


Demerara Sugar is made when sugar producers press Sugar Cane and Steam the Sugar Cane Juice of the first pressing to form a thick cane syrup. The cane syrup is allowed to dehydrate, leaving behind large golden brown crystals of sugar.


There is also a version of Demerara Sugar called London Demerara Sugar which is actually Granulated Sugar with Molasses added back to it. London Demerara Sugar retains the large, crunchy granules of Demerara Sugar, but tends to have a less complex flavor.

Culinary Uses

Demerara Sugar is suitable for many cooking and baking projects. It also tends to be very popular as a sweetener for tea and coffee in high end coffee shops because the minimal processing gives Demerara sugar a creamy texture and unique, rich, molasses-like flavor.

The un-refined flavor of Demerara Sugar enhances baked goods and the larger grains will remain crunchy through cooking or baking which makes Demerara Sugar a solid choice as a sprinkled topping for scones, muffins, coffee cakes and similar items which might otherwise have a boring, uniform texture.

Demerara Sugar is not a good substitute for most baking sugars such as Powdered Sugar, Caster Sugar or Granulated Sugar since the rougher Demerara Sugar will have a negative impact on the ultimate texture and color. If a more molasses-like flavor is desired in baked goods without the crunch of demerara sugar, pure molasses can always be added to a recipe, as long as cooks remember to cut down on the sugar so that the dish will not be too sweet.

Demerara also is a poor choice for making Caramels.


Since bone meal is sometimes used in the refining process for Granular Sugar, London Demerara Sugar is not always safe for Vegetarians.

Low Fat


Low Calorie