Pressed Sugar Cubes
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Sugar Cubes were first created by Jacob Cristoph Rad, an Austrian scientist in 1840. Rad’s formed his first Sugar Cubes by pressing moistened Granulated Sugar together in a mold to bind the Sugar Crystals together in sheets. The sheets were then broken down into strips and then cubes, much as a chef breaks down a Vegetable into PlanksLog Cuts and then Cubes or Dices.


Modern Sugar Cubes are made by adding 2% - 3% of water to fine-grained Granulated Sugar which is then pressed together into a sheet mold and cast into sheets that are broken down to cubes. Pressure holds the Sugar crystals together firmly on the surface only but less strongly on the interior, which is why Pressed Sugar Cubes crumble easily. The texture of the Pressed Sugar Cubes will be determined by the surface on which the Pressed Sugar Cubes are formed.

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