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Raw Sugar means minimally processed Sugar Cane or Sugar Beet. The precise definition varies, from very specific for Raw Food adherents, to more vague for many others who see Raw Sugar as just lightly refined Sugar from the first crystallization of sugar cane juice which still contains a bit of Molasses.

Raw Sugar is essentially the product at the point before the molasses is removed (what’s left after sugarcane has been processed and refined). Popular types of raw sugar include demerara sugar from Guyana and Barbados sugar, a moist, fine textured sugar. Turbinado sugar is raw sugar that has been steam cleaned to remove contaminates., leaving a llight molasses flavored, tan colored sugar.

Raw Sugar has a more complex, richer flavor than Granulated Sugar and the larger granules are delightfully crunchy which works well as a topping for desserts or baked goods. Be aware though that Raw Sugar retains more moisture than Granulated Sugar which will have to be noted and adjusted for in sensitive recipes.


Some commonly known Raw Sugars include: Demerara SugarTurbinado Sugar and Rapadura SugarSucanat™ is a brand of Raw Sugar.


Raw Sugar can dry out and become chisel hard, as Brown Sugar can. Keep Raw Sugar in an airtight container for best results.

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