Capsicum chinense
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This Smart Kitchen Resource Page is dedicated to just listing out some of the Peppers that belong to the Capsicum species: Capsicum chinense, which are hot & super hot!

Smart Kitchen also has Resource pages dedicated to Capsicum baccatum, Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutenscens and Capsicum pubenscens where most of the Hot Peppers reside. If you are looking for Sweet Peppers follow the link to the Smart Kitchen’s Sweet Peppers Resource or just navigate to our General Peppers Resource to get the overview.

Capsicum chinense: The name “chinense” is misnomer.  A Dutch physician named the species in 1776, and because he believed the Peppers originated in China named them “Chinese Capsicums.”  However, like all Capsicums, Capsicum chinense Peppers come from the New World.  They are the Peppers most commonly found in the Caribbean and will thrive in any tropical climate. 


Some Capsicum chinense Peppers include: Ají Cachuca (aka Ají Dulce), Ají Limo, Ají Panca, Bhut Jolokia (aka Ghost Peppers), Carolina Reapers, Datil Peppers, Fatalii Peppers, Goat Peppers, Habaneros, New Mexican Peppers (mild), RocotillosScotch Bonnets, Trinidad Moruga Scorpions and Uvilla Grande Peppers.

Culinary Uses

With a few exceptions, Capsicum chinenses peppers are hot or super hot; this is the group where you definitely want gloves and goggles.