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Kabobs, Kebabs or Shish Kebabs are a meal on a fire resistant stick that makes a smart choice when feeding a group on a variety of ingredients.

Kabobs are very convenient because they are a handy way to stretch other incompletely used ingredients and they can be prepared in advance, leaving just the cooking for right before service. Young Chefs-in-Training enjoy exercising their creativity by selecting and threading their own ingredient choices. They can alternate meats and vegetables or make their own patterns. Remind them that firm ingredients work best so that they don’t fall from the skewer.

Culinary Uses

Kabobs are made with Kabob Meat, NAMP 135 B, large dices of Beef, or various Meats, and vegetable ingredients held in place by a skewer so that they can be Grilled, Broiled, Roasted etc. together. Cooking all the components together improves the ultimate flavor of the Kabob.

Meats and Vegetables should be washed and patted dry before cutting them into uniform sized 1 inch to 2 inch (2.54 cm to 5..08 cm) cubes for skewering. Uniform sizes allows for more even cooking. If you plan to Marinate, do so in the refrigerator to keep your product out of The Food Danger Zone.

When cooking, if using wooden or bamboo skewers remember they must be soaked in water (half an hour) before use so they can resist their natural tendency to combust near a heat source. Stainless Steel skewers don’t require this consideration. Fatty meats can be cooked more quickly at a higher temperature than leaner meats which require a longer cook time at lower heats. Consider Blanching or Par-Boiling denser vegetables before skewering them, so that all your ingredients are Finish Cooked together.

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