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Ketchup is a spicy sauce or condiment; it is usually made with the juice of cooked fruits or vegetables such as tomatoes, walnuts, and mangos as well as vinegar, sugar and spices; the name may be derived for the Chinese (ke-tsiap), which means brine of pickled fish.

Ketchup, despite the naysayers, can actually be a good source of tomato nutrients, including lycopene. Organic Ketchup may be a better alternative than standard Ketchup. Recent studies have shown higher lycopene levels in Organic Ketchup.

In Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England, the term "Tomato Sauce" is often used to describe a condiment similar to what we call Ketchup in the U.S. 


Ketchup is available all year long.


Ketchup can be stored at room temperature and refrigerated. However, Ketchup is best stored refrigerated. Keeping Ketchup refrigerated will extend its Shelf Life and flavor.

If storing Ketchup at room temperature, expect it to last approximately 1 month once opened. Unopened Ketchup will last 1-2 years at room temperature.

Storing Ketchup in the refrigerator after opening, expect a Shelf Life of approximately 6-8 months.


Tomato Sauce, Tomato Paste

Gluten Free


Low Fat


Low Calorie