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The Bermixer is Primarily a Tool of the Commercial Kitchen.
A Blender is a machine that purèes, emulsifies, and crushes. Never fill a blender jar to capacity as the force of the blending action will raise the lid with cold items and a combination of force and steam will raise the lid with hot items. The recommended capacity for filling a...
One of the Most Versatile Appliances in the Kitchen.
Culinary Uses Hand Blender: A hand held blender similar to a buff mixer, is used to mix smaller quantities of ingredients. Nutritional Value USDA
Nutritional Value USDA
An Immersion Blender is a hand held blender, similar to a Bermixer, but used to mix and blend smaller quantities of ingredients. When using an Immersion Blender, start on low in a liquid filled storage container, pot, or pan. Increase the speed for a smoother blend. Nutritional Value USDA
A standard Kitchen Mixer refers to a mixer where only the blades spin or move.
The Mixer Motor Can be Harnessed to Grind Meat.
A Mixer, also known as a Dough Mixer or Stand Mixer, is a kitchen appliance used to mix (no surprise there) ingredients. They are invaluable in mixing Dough, Batter, Dressing, Emulsions but also useful for Aerating (whipping-up) Butters and Cheeses. It is believed that the first...
Planetary Mixers are Named for the Elliptical Orbit that their Agitator Takes while Spinning the Mixing Attachments through the Product to Mix it.
A Slow Cooker or “crock-pot” is an electric cooking appliance with a ceramic “crock” inside a metal pot that is designed to evenly cook foods “Low & Slow” as with a Moist Heat Method. Crock-Pot ® is a trademarked, brand name type of Slow Cooker...
A Commercial Mixer.