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A Blender is a machine that purèes, emulsifies, and crushes.

Never fill a blender jar to capacity as the force of the blending action will raise the lid with cold items and a combination of force and steam will raise the lid with hot items. The recommended capacity for filling a blender is ⅔ full (although you should check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your blender).

We recommend placing a clean kitchen towel over the lid and holding it in place with both hands when using the blender to prevent splattering or burning.

If you are in the market for a blender, Sur La Table has a Vitamix Pro 500 Series Blender that is very reliable and durable, both qualities desired in a blender.


Electric Blenders are composed of a solid bottom that houses the motor, and a blender jar (often two different sizes) that fits over it. The jar is fitted with a removable lid.

Culinary Uses

Purèes, Emulsifies, and Crushes.