Planetary Mixers are Named for the Elliptical Orbit that their Agitator Takes while Spinning the Mixing Attachments through the Product to Mix it.
Planetary Mixer
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Planetary Mixers are one type of Mixer defined by the orbit of the agitator carrying the Mixer Attachments around the mixing bowl. The major difference between a Planetary Mixer and a Standard Mixer is that the spinning blades of a Planetary Mixer are carried around the bowl in a circular/elliptical pattern.

In a standard xixer the blades just spin, though the bowl may rotate. Planetary Mixers are versatile but do not mix huge batches. In the home kitchen they are typically a higher end product.


If you are seeking to Purchase a Mixer, Smart Kitchen has some thoughts on what to consider.

Culinary Uses

The benefits of a Planetary Mixer include: 

  • The various available Mixing Attachments give them great versatility.
  • Planetary Mixers can Blend, Aerate, & Stir many types of mixtures, solids, powders and liquids.

The limitations of a Planetary Mixer include:

  • Planetary Mixers do not have a great range of volumes at which they can operate. The capacity of their bowl and the size of the agitator determine their optimal volumes.
  • In a commercial setting, Planetary Mixers do not mix as much dough or move as quickly (typically 1/2 to 1/4 slower) as Spiral Mixers.