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Spiral Mixer
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The Spiral Mixer is a commercial mixer that is built horizontally and has a center spindle with paddles or blades that mixes the ingredients. 

Spiral Mixers are so-called because of their spiral-shaped dough agitator which remains in place as the bowl revolves during mixing. Spiral Mixers are employed by higher volume businesses such as bakeries, commissaries and even pizza locations.


The benefits of a Spiral Mixer to a commercial operation include: 

  • An effective, sturdy spiral dough agitator that is better at mixing heavy stiff dough than the traditional Paddle or Dough Hook. 
  • The Dough remains in a larger mass than when in a Planetary Mixer.
  • The more efficient Spiral Agitator reduces the temperature of the dough to allow proper rising and simpler kneading.
  • Spiral Mixers can work with different sized batches

The negatives of a Spiral Mixer for a commercial operation include: 

  • They are dedicated to mixing dough. They don't do Batter or Dressings.

Spiral Mixers are classified according to their maximum Flour or Dough volumes. Some large production facilities will use a short hand and refer to their Spiral Mixers by the number of 100-pound flour bags they can hold. A "one-bagger" would be smaller than a "three-bagger" Spiral Mixer.