Covered Soup Bowl
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A Covered Soup Bowl is a Soup Bowl that has a matching lid. Serving the item covered helps maintain the Soup's temperature, either hot or cold.

Covered Soup Bowls tend to be 4.5 inches to 6.5 inches in diameter with a "Well" that is 2 to 3.5 inches deep. This makes the Covered Soup Bowl narrower and deeper than the typical Soup Bowl or Cereal Bowl.

Culinary Uses

Covered Soup Bowls are most often used in conjunction with an Underplate or larger Saucer. They can be used with hot or cold items and can be warmed or chilled before being filled. 

The etiquette committee expects guests to know to remove the lid and put it rim-side down on the plate while enjoying the soup. When you are finished you should replace the lid as a sign to the servers that you are finished with the Soup Course and the empty Covered Soup Bowl can be cleared.