Rimmed Cereal Bowl
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A Rimmed Cereal Bowl is a Cereal Bowl with a lip around the top. Technically, since the Cereal Bowl is really called a Soup-Cereal Bowl, the Rimmed Cereal Bowl should properly be a Rimmed Soup-Cereal Bowl. Officially, that is going to be a too-long mouthful so we will just work with Rimmed Cereal Bowl.

A Rimmed Cereal Bowl should be slightly deeper and narrower than a Rimmed Soup Bowl which means that it can range from 5.75 inches to 8.75 inches in total diameter. The name "rimmed" applies because there will be a 1 inch flange around the well of the bowl. The flat flange is designated the "lip" by tableware makers even though everyone we know calls it the rim. 

Culinary Uses

Rimmed Cereal Bowls can be used to hold anything eaten with a Fork such as Salad, Bound Salads, Pasta, etc. or anything eaten with a Spoon like Soup, Oatmeal, Ice Cream or Cereal. They can be used for hot or cold foods and many are Microwave-Safe and/or Oven- Safe. Make sure to check the specifics on your bowls before using them in either the Microwave or the Oven