Rimmed Soup Bowl
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Rimmed Soup Bowls, also called Rimmed Soup Plates, Soup Plates or Shallow Soup Bowls, have a shallow well (normally 1.5 inches deep) and are fairly wide, ranging in size from 7 inches to 10 inches in total diameter. A one inch flanged rim, actually called a "lip," surrounds the well of the bowl.

A Rimmed Soup Bowl is often part of a five piece place setting and is the type of Soup Bowl traditionally specified for a formal dinner service.  A Rimmed Soup Bowl comes from the Western culinary tradition.

Culinary Uses

Rimmed soup bowls can be used for serving Soups, Salads, and Pastas. An Underplate is often used to carry the Rimmed Soup Bowl to and from the table. The Underplate facilitates transport but also serves to protect the table cloth and table from Conduction due to the hot soup and the hot soup bowl.

In a less formal service, other types of Bowls, including Coupe Soup Bowls, can be used.