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A Baster, is a chef’s tool which is designed for basting foods much easier. Most people can picture the "Thanksgiving Turkey Baster," with its long tube (metal, glass or plastic) to hold pan juices and bulb (plastic, silicone or rubber) which is squeezed to create or destroy a vacuum which either sucks-in or ejects the liquid. A Baster is intentionally long, so chef's can remain safely away from the cooking heat.

Some Basters can have a Basting Brush accessory which attaches to the tip others may have an injection needle which is useful to penetrate cooking items with Marinade or Jus. Another attachment might be a "drip less tip," which retains liquids until required.







Baster's can vary widely in quality and price. As with most cooking implements, try and secure the best equipment you can afford. Considerations include ease of cleaning, cracking and longevity. Silicone does very well for longevity and cracking. Thin plastics are more susceptible to both and in addition, can also melt at higher temperatures.


Culinary Uses

Basters may also be used to apply a Marinade or to remove excess Fond, from a pan.