Electric Meat Tenderizer
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Electric Meat Tenderizers use several blades to sever Connective Tissue, Fiber and Sinew in tougher cuts of meat. Some types of connective tissue, notably Elastin, do not respond to Tenderizing by cooking or applying enzymes. The only way to tenderize them is to cut the sinews and fibers down so that they bind together less meat, thereby reducing their ability to make the meat chewy or tough.

Electric Meat Tenderizers work by either cutting deep into the product, usually over two passes through the machine, or by piercing the piece of meat with multiple (can be as many as 48), needle-like blades.

Companies like Jaccard, Weston and Biro make Electric Meat Tenderizers. Most are not designed for home use.



There are some hand-cranked models which operate similarly to the electric models found in the back of the meat department. They are typically called a Hand Crank Meat Tenderizer or a Cuber. Using a mechanical device reduces the effort, speeds up the process and aids in clean up.