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Gravy separators (also known as fat separators, gravy strainers or soup strainers) are kitchen devices used to remove liquid fat from a liquid to be used as Soup, Stock, Sauce, Gravy, Clarified Butter, etc.


They are manufactured in both glass and plastic – plastic being safer in case it falls to the floor (they will get greasy when in use), and glass being preferred as it does not “leach” into foods, especially hot liquids.


There are several kinds of fat separators manufactured – measuring-cup styled cups with spouts opening from the base of the cup (because fat rises to the top), soft-bristled brushes used to brush away the fat, and basters which can be dipped into the liquid (past the fat) for removal (a slower, less-efficient way).  At Smart Kitchen we prefer the measuring-cup styled fat separator.


Look for a 4-cup separator which will work for both smaller and larger projects.