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Many kinds of Knife Covers (also known as Edge Guards) can be purchased to protect your knives. 

Don’t allow fine knives to bang one another or bump into objects as the precision ground cutting edge could be damaged in the collision. Bumping is also a reason fine knives should avoid the dishwasher, where the jetting water can knock your knives into other utensils or dishes.

“Steel” the knife frequently to maintain the edge. We cover steeling your knives in Lesson 2: Basic Knife Skills, Topic 2: Knife Construction & MaintenanceExercise 4: Steeling Your Knife.

Always use a knife-friendly cutting board made of materials like natural wood or a soft composite polyethylene. Cutting boards made of glass, ceramic, metal or marble can damage your fine knives by causing their edge to turn or roll.

Your knife is a precision tool, not a generalized blunt instrument. It makes a fragile dangerous, and expensive pry bar/screw driver/can opener/box cutter/hammer!


The best are the ones which maintain hygiene & sanitation and protect hands & fingers. The most popular edge guard is a molded plastic cover in which you insert the knife.  Many of these are difficult to clean inside however, so food or dirt that may have been left on the knife (never our knives) will get stuck in the cover and turn rancid.  Some covers, however, unfold and can be washed such as Forschner’s “Edge-Mag”, or Lamson & Goodnow’s “KnifeSafe”  both of which open and can be cleaned fairly easily.