Machine Powered Shrimp Peeler
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There are a number of hand powered and electrically powered machines that Peel & Devein Shrimp.

Which solution, if any, is right for you, depends on the volume of Shrimp you will be processing, the frequency of your processing sessions, and your costs of labor and capital.  An additional consideration is how you wish your final product to look and feel. The mechanical systems will be less discriminating and gentle than a human prep-cook.


They can range from specialized shears like the Norpro Shrimp & Prawn Peeler to hand cranked devices such as the Shrimp Butler, to expensive accessories for your existing Robo Coupe such as the Nemco Shrimp Prep, to purpose-built machines, suitable for industrial use, that can process thousands of Shrimp an hour. Each of the links goes to their site or an Amazon listing for each item.