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A Mushroom Brush is a brush with very soft bristles which is designed for cleaning Mushrooms and other delicate Vegetables that suffer from vigorous washing. The Mushroom Brush can be used to gently dislodge any encrusted dirt or other foreign materials without employing a strong spray of water. Their ability to tidy up makes them a handy addition to keep in your kitchen. 


The bristles of a mushroom brush are typically made from nylon or another synthetic, and they are designed to be extremely gentle. Most of them are made from either plastic or wood.


The brush may take the form of a round knob with bristles on one end, making it very easy to handle, or it can be a flat square or rectangle.


Many kitchen supply stores stock mushroom brushes. They can also be ordered online or through specialty purveyors. Typically, Mushroom Brushes are not very expensive. We like the Kitchencraft Mushroom Brush with the wooden handle. The link goes off site to Amazon.


Store your Mushroom Brush dry, in a clean, shady spot, where sunlight won’t dry out the bristles and where it won’t pick up contamination between uses.

Culinary Uses

Cleaning mushrooms and other vegetables is important, as they can contain elements which could make you sick or add a strange flavor to a finished dish. Many mushrooms grow in sandy, rocky areas, and a good brushing can remove particles which could impact the texture of a dish. No one likes to chomp down on a grain of sand.

In many cases, a dry brushing with a mushroom brush can be enough to remove unwanted material from things like mushrooms, Truffles, and other delicate vegetables. A gentle brushing with the soft, dense bristles should pull away dirt and other unwanted particles without damaging the vegetable.

A Mushroom Brush can also be used under running water, although you should thoroughly dry vegetables after rinsing them. If using the produce immediately, excess moisture will react badly with hot cooking fat. If storing the produce, excess moisture will encourage rot.

If you are in the habit of picking up fungi at farmers' markets, you may want to take a Mushroom Brush along. Most vendors won’t object to a gentle brushing with a mushroom brush and it can reveal flaws and defects which would make the mushroom unsuitable for your use. Always ask before using a mushroom brush on merchandise, however, as some merchants may object.

Similarly, you can also use a Mushroom Brush in the field while you are collecting, to determine whether or not a specimen is worth bringing home.