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At its most basic, an Olive Pitter is a fancy, food-grade, hole-punch. It has a base, designed to cradle the Olive, a handle and a punch which pushes down and into the Olive to engage the Olive Pit and propel it out a newly made hole in the other side of the Olive. With a quick squeeze the pit is removed, leaving behind the useable fruit of the olive.

Releasing the handle re-sets the Olive Pitter for another use.


Olive Pitters, also work well on Cherries, or other smaller Stone Fruits. You can find Olive Pitters a kitchen supply stores and on the web at vendors such as William’s Sonoma, Sur La Table or Amazon. We happen to have the Cuisipro Olive Pitter at home (the link goes to the Amazon web page) but are lusting after the Sur La Table “4-shot” Olive Pitter where you can pit 4 Olives or Cherries at once (the second link goes to Sur La Table).

Culinary Uses

An Olive Pitter is a tool used in the kitchen to more quickly and easily remove the pit from Olives.