Oven Mitts
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An Oven Mitt (or Oven Glove) is a glove worn in the kitchen to protect the hand from heat.

Traditionally these gloves are made from insulated fabric which does not work well when wet because the water allows the material to conduct dangerous levels of heat. Look for Silicone gloves which are water and stain resistant.

Mitts are a better choice than a Pot Holder because if you need immediate, extra leverage (when something is slipping for example) your whole hand can be used and protected, including the backs of the hand which might not enjoy 500° F convection heat. 

Never use wet oven mitts. They can cause scalding. Replace your Oven Mitts when they are too old or wear out.

Culinary Uses

Use Oven Mitts for reaching into the oven or for removing pots or pans from the stove.