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Roasting Bags, also called Oven Cooking Bags, are transparent, heat treated / heat tempered, plastic bags that are made to cover foods (usually Meats but sometimes Vegetables) during Roasting.


There are different types of Roasting Bags for use in ovens, slow cookers, microwaves, etc.

Culinary Uses

The bags are designed to protect foods, and their moisture, during Roasting by retaining the natural moisture inside the bag as an enveloping steam. Roasting Bags also allow for more even cooking and sometimes even faster cooking than a conventional Roasting Pan alone. Oven Roasting Bags have the additional advantages of cooking all of your items in one bag and of being disposable, so they cut down on clean-up.

BeefChickenTurkey and Pork are all suitable for use with an Oven Roasting Bag.

Danger Alert!, When opening Oven Bags after they have been used in the oven, a large amount of scalding steam will escape which will be hotter than boiling water.  Make sure your hands and face are out of the way to avoid this very hot, burning steam. At Smart Kitchen we don’t typically use Roasting Bags. We prefer to protect our meat through other means such as LardingBardingBasting etc.