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Hand peeling Shrimp can be a laborious task. In fact, Peeling & Deveining Shrimp is the number one reason most home cooks don’t make more meals out of fresh, whole Shrimp.

Since they are small, almost by definition, a hungry family of four would require quite a few Shrimps to be peeled.

Enter human ingenuity. There are a number of hand held kitchen tools called “Shrimp Peelers,” or “Shrimpers” which speed up the process. Many can also devein the Shrimp by removing the Sand Vein in the process.


At Smart Kitchen, we prefer to get the job done with a Paring Knife to save on the clutter of more kitchen gadgets, but if you are in the market for a Shrimp Peeler, the following companies make well priced, functional Shrimp Peelers (the links go to Amazon):

Nantucket Seafood Shrimp Peeler

Dolphin Shrimp Peeler/Deveiner

Good Cook Shrimp Deveiner

Lamsonsharp Shrimp Deveiner

Culinary Uses

Most hand-held Shrimpers work on the same basic principal. The point of a widening triangular wedge-shaped blade (metal or plastic) is inserted under the shell of the Shrimp, between the shell and the meat. The blade is pushed into the shell by the user so that the wider section expands, and ultimately breaks, the shrimp shell which can then be easily removed. Essentially, the Peeler then acts as a wedge to both break the shell and push it away from the meat.

Many of the hand peelers also have an additional edge on the bottom which picks up the undesirable Sand Vein and removes it, or at least releases it so it is little effort to remove it with the fingers. You may see these inexpensive tools called Peeler/Deveiners or Deveiners as well.