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Steamer baskets usually have little feet on the bottom to keep the ingredients out of the boiling water which creates the steam. This means that the Steam is doing the cooking work and not the boiling water.

Steamer Baskets are frequently made of metal and are collapsible for easy storage and so they can fit inside many different types and sizes of pots. Most have rings attached to the inside for easy removal from a cooking pot.


Asian Style Steamer Baskets are made of bamboo and are flat-bottomed and not collapsible.

A metal version of the Asian bamboo steamer is sometimes called a Colander because it is a flat-bottomed version of the traditionally round Colander.

There are also Steamer Baskets in different shapes made for particular food items. For example, an Asparagus Steamer is a tall cylinder metal steamer made for cooking whole Asparagus spears by placing them upright in the basket.

Culinary Uses

A Steamer Basket (also known as a Steam Basket or Steamer Insert) is a sieve-like container used to suspend foods over Boiling water in order to Steam Cook them.


In a pinch, a heat-resistant Strainer or Colander can fill in for a Steamer Basket.