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Wax Paper, as the name says, is a thin paper that has been coated with wax to make it moisture resistant for use in the kitchen. The wax also makes the paper nonstick and a good disposable work surface for work like rolling out a pie crust.

Culinary Uses

Most of us think of Wax Paper as an old fashioned, pre-baggies, pre-ziplock, sandwich storage solution, but Wax Paper has many more uses. 

A square of Wax Paper can be made into a light, round cover similar to a pot lid in a pinch. It can be used when Steaming or Poaching various foods to adjust the heat concentration. For an example, see Smart Kitchen’s Shallow Poaching Salmon Exercise. Smart Kitchen teaches the minor origami technique of making a round lid from a square sheet of Wax Paper in our Cutting Parchment Paper Exercise.

Another use for Wax Paper is as a quick, disposable work surface. Our instructor, Teaching Chef uses Parchment Paper in a similar manner in our Breading Exercise. It saves him lots of cleanup time.  As a disposable work surface, the Wax Paper also helps prevent Cross Contamination when working with products like Raw Chicken

Finally, another good use is as a flexible container to catch, gather and transport (“catch-and-carry”) very small pieces of product, such as finely Grated Spices or Cheese.

The major concern with Wax Paper is temperature. Wax Paper should not be heated too much because if the wax on the paper melts it could mix with your food. If heated high enough it could also smoke or ignite and cause a fire. So Parchment Paper, not Wax Paper, is the correct choice for lining the baking sheet when you’re making cookies, and for cooking En Papillote, etc.