Meat Slicer Knife
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A Meat Slicer Knife is between 8-12 inches long, with a slender even-width blade (not wedge shaped like a Chef’s Knife).  The thinner the metal used to make the blade, the less friction it will cause when cutting, and the smoother and cleaner your cuts and slices will be.

Culinary Uses

Used for cutting and slicing cooked meats. A Meat Slicer Knife is not a Carving Knife but a different tool that can be used in conjunction with a Carving Knife. A Meat Slicer often has a “Granton Edge” on its blade which means that there are hollowed out oval sections running along both sides of the blade. The grooves create tiny air pockets which minimize drag and fill up with fat and Jus when slicing meat. Granton Edges offer more contact between the blade and the meat. The result is an ability to cut thinner slices of PoultryRoastsHam, etc.