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Culinary Uses A Broiler is either a separate section of an oven designed to broil, impart High Heat from above, or a setting on a conventional home oven that turns the whole oven into a High Heat Broiler. Broilers cook food under high temperatures from above, between 400° F to 500° F...
A Convection Oven, is differentiated from a convectional oven, uses fans that directly circulate heat during the dry heat cooking process. Use a Convection Oven when: Roasting Baking Warming Cooked or Raw Food Toasting Nutritional Value USDA
A Salamander is a small free-standing broiler, most frequently seen in a commercial kitchen and used to finish and brown foods for service. The name “Salamander" comes from ancient mythological creatures. Salamanders, were thought to be close cousins to the dragons and immune to...