Casserole Dish
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A Casserole, also known as a French Oven, is a shallow baking dish, frequently with handles on either end. Casseroles can be made from metal ceramic or glass, or other materials that can withstand oven heats. The best ones are both heat and cold resistant so that they can be easily transferred from oven, to stove, to refrigerator, to table, and back again.


In our opinion the best Casseroles are made of Cast Iron (handles high heat, conducts and retains heat) and then covered with vitreous Enamel (prevents reactions with acidic or other foods, helps prevent cracking, reduces rusting, improves durability, and clean up).

A Casserole may or may not come with a cover. If it does have a cover, the knob or handle of the lid should be made so that it is heat-resistant and remains cool to the touch as much as possible.