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Sheet Pans are used for Baking, Roasting and Holding foods.


The typical Sheet Pan sizes are a Full Sheet Pan (18" x 26"), a Half Sheet Pan (18" x 13") and a Quarter Sheet Pan (12 1/4" X 8") At home, a Half Sheet Pan will normally suffice. In a commercial setting a Full Sheet Pan is the norm.

Sheet Pans can also come with a Non-Stick Coating which has pros and cons.


When considering a Sheet Pan look for heavy, stainless steel pans with very shallow sides. If you planning to purchase a new sheet pan, Sur La Table has some sturdy Sheet Pans from Chicago Metallic. The links go off of Smart Kitchen to a Chicago Metallic Half Sheet Pan and a Chicago Metallic Quarter Sheet Pan. They also carry the same pan sizes in non-stick versions: Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Half Sheet Pan & Chicago Metallic Non-Stick Quarter Sheet Pan.