Dining Plates
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Dining Plates are a sub-category of Plates, made up of individual portion-sized plates used at service. The name Tableware or Dishware can also refer to Dining Plates used at Table.

They can range in size from very large plates, designed to hold entrees plus sides, to very small plates designed to just hold an appetizer portion.

Dining plates come in a range of colors, styles and materials.


The list of Dining Plates generally includes the following types of plates (and one bowl):

Appetizer Plate

Bread Plate (sometimes knowns as a "Bread & Butter" Plate)


Dessert Plate

Dinner plate

Luncheon Plate (also called a Lunch Plate)

Salad plates

Large Salad Plate

Small Salad Plate


Soup Bowl (called a Soup Plate in some circles)